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How We Make Your Swing Set

Step One

The process starts when you place your order. Playkids calls you 48 hours after purchase to confirm the order and also allow you to customize any items & colors on your Swing Set. Make the Swing Set of your dreams!

Step Two

Once the order is received, Playkids cuts & sands each piece of wood with your child's safety in mind. Each piece of wood has a .25 inch radius on every corner & edge to prevent sharp edges from hurting your child. We also sand every piece of wood which results in 0 splinters for 25+ Years!

Step Three

Once all the wood is cut & sanded, Playkids pre-assembles the Swing set. We do this for two reasons: 1. Quality - We believe the integrity of our Swing Set should match the Integrity of our company. 2 Customer Satisfaction - Our customers spoke, and we listened...Easy installation!

Step Four

Playkids offers installation and shipping for all our products. FREE INSTALLATION when you pay for shipping (in ZIP codes 33000 to 33199). If you are out of our free installation area, we will ship to you. Playkids Swing Sets are guaranteed for 5 years!