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PT-105 Tower +Swing With 3 Postion Swing Set
PT-105 Tower +Swing With 3 Postion Swing Set
List Price: $3,820.00
Sale Price: $3,056.00

PT-105 Tower Standard Equipment PT-105 Tower - 5 x 5 w/ Multi-floor Platform Turbo Slide, 40� Handgrips (8), Steering Wheel, Telescope, Hardware: Stainless Screws, Galvanized Lag Bolts with Plastic Caps. Pressure Treated #1 Grade Pine Lumber PT-105-01 Includes PT-105 Tower - 5 x 5 w/ Multi-floor Platform, Wood Roof, 8 wave slide, 3-Position Swing Set 4�x6� Beam & A-Frame Preassembled for Shipping Regular footprint:A=23, B=13 Ground Shipping in continental USA = $599.00 (All orders not within Continental USA must be called in 1-800-PLAYSET or (305) 591-1160 to place order) ship in 1 to 3 Weeks

Swing Set Resource Articles

Swing Set Attire and Clothing Recommendations

When it comes time to let your kids play on or around swing set and other playground equipment, it’s important to make sure their attire is suited for active play. The right attire should be chosen based on the weather, layout of the play area, and other activities taking place that day. It’s unfortunate when unsafe circumstances like rain or snow force parents to keep kids from playing outdoors, but with the following tips and recommendations, you may be able to let them out to play when you previously thought you couldn’t.

Jackets & Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved attire is great for areas with frequent winds, precipitation, and a high ultra-violet index, but there are definitely some aspects of these items that need attention. First, long-sleeved attire can easily get caught in various moving parts that make up playground equipment – the swing set chains, wheels, hanging rings, and so on. If weather conditions call for long sleeves, it’s best to invest in a light weight, waterproof jacket that also works as a windbreaker. Likewise, make sure the jacket fits snugly, to eliminate the chance of the jacket getting snagged or caught as your child plays.


Injuries on the playground are often a direct result of inappropriate footwear. The first thing to make sure of when choosing footwear for a child to play in is to make sure the shoe covers the ankle, thus offering proper support and protection. Likewise, make sure the soles are rubber and have good tread, to help prevent slips and falls. High socks should also be worn for supplementary support, and to prevent against mosquitoes and ticks, especially in the Midwest and on the East Coast where this is a big problem. Wearing high socks also tends to protect against blisters far better than low-rise or ankle socks.


In many areas, the sun becomes so hot, even the best sunscreens and lotions aren't enough to protect your skin. Even in areas with perpetual cloud covers, damaging UV rays are still present. The best thing to do is to wear a hat and have your child wear one, too. Hats are inexpensive, fun for everyone, and in addition to wearing sun block, a smart way to prevent skin damage.

Follow these simple tips and you and your child can have more fun outdoors, even if the sun is strong or the wind is brisk. Enjoy!