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PT-117 Tower +Swing With 2 Postion Swing Set
PT-117 Tower +Swing With 2 Postion Swing Set
List Price: $2,468.00
Sale Price: $1,974.40

PT-127 Tower Standard Equipment PT-127 Tower - 5 x 5 w/ 60" High Platform 10 Wave Slide, 40� Handgrips (2), Lumber Angle Access Ladder, Steering Wheel, Telescope, Hardware: Stainless Screws, Galvanized Lag Bolts with Plastic Caps. Pressure Treated #1 Grade Pine Lumber PT-127-07 Includes PT-127 Tower - 5 x 5 w/ 60" High Platform Wood Roof, Wood Ladder Steps 5, 2-Position Swing Set 4�x6� Beam Preassembled for Shipping Regular footprint:A=11, B=13 Ground Shipping in continental USA = $429.00 (All orders not within Continental USA must be called in 1-800-PLAYSET or (305) 591-1160 to place order) ship in 1 to 3 Weeks

Swing Sets for Different Ages

Swing Set Considerations & Concerns

Whether you’re a parent planning to install residential swing sets in your backyard, or an administrator attempting to build out a school yard playground, it’s important to recognize your audience, know your budget, and identify what you plan to achieve. Here are a few key points to consider:

The age of the children

One of the most challenging tasks a parent or administrator faces when creating a playground is trying to appease a collection young children of various ages. If the playground system you’re planning will be used by children aged 4-6 and 6-10, you will need a variety of equipment to accommodate both age groups.

If you have the room and budget to create two playgrounds for the different age groups, consider putting the system for younger children near the perimeter of the area. This will reduce the possibility of 6-10 year olds running in the way of the younger children, while also making it easy for adults to monitor both groups from a central location.

If planning to install a swing set for one age group in your backyard, think first about how quickly children grow out of clothing and other toys. Just like the almost brand-new pants that no longer fit, or the once-cherished toy tossed aside in favor of a child's latest object of affection, playgrounds can become a less challenging and enticing way to play as children get older. You can circumvent this problem by adding a variety of equipment to your system, or, if that is not possible, try to play a part in the children's activities, and teach them fun games they can play using the equipment. Still, if the age of the children make it likely for them to lose interest in swings and slides in a year or two, don't go bananas and spend a fortune creating the playground of their dreams. Invest in a few key pieces that you can donate or recycle easily once the kids move on to other activities.

Your budget

Sticking to budgets is always hard, but with a little research and self-control, doing so is manageable. When constructing plans for a swing set system, try to find pieces that can connect to other playground items. For example, invest in a swing set that can join up with a play tower or slide. Buying interchangeable items is not only cost and space-effective, it creates a more aesthetically pleasing play area.


Building a playground isn't only about getting the kids to be active and play outdoors. The playground can also be used to teach children and get them using their imaginations. Create learning opportunities with whimsical playground accessories, like colored chains, themed slide covers, oddly shaped decorative pieces, and differently-sized ropes. Whether teaching colors, shapes, or sizes, or simply inviting the children to use their minds creatively, making use of playground accessories to teach can make your role as a parent or administrator easier, and, more fun.

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