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If you have childhood memories of rickety playground equipment, you aren’t alone. Many of us recall getting our legs scorched going down a hot metal slide or pinching our fingers in the chains of a swing set. Fortunately, today’s playground equipment has evolved. Now you can get high-quality playground equipment for your family that combines safety and fun.

Playground equipment was pretty standard a few decades ago, but today the options are virtually endless. You can set up a playground in your backyard that rivals the finest in any public park or you can have a simple swing set and slide. You can also design a custom system based on your family’s needs and add unique playground accessories like special swings for the disadvantaged. The only limits are your imagination, space, and budget.

Space is Crucial for Playground Equipment

Space is the primary limiting factor when considering playground equipment in your back yard. Measure the space you have, then allow for six additional feet in every direction to allow for the arc of swings and any room the children need to run around. Also, take into account the room needed for the slope of any slides you will have – many people don’t consider this and they do take up a lot of space. Allow for six feet between each individual element. If you will be putting in a teeter-totter, it will need to be at least six feet away from the next piece of equipment in any direction.

Finally, if you are considering a jungle gym or crow’s nest style structure with some height to it, be sure you consider this. Remember to add six feet to the tallest point of the structure to allow for overhead power lines, overhanging tree branches, etc.