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Slide Cover in Safari Designs
Slide Cover in Safari Designs
List Price: $106.19
Our Price: $89.99

  • Slide Cover Accessory.
  • "Make Playtime into Pretend Time" Decorative slide covers enhance playtime Patented Design is safe and durable  Mounts directly to slide and playset
  • Slide Covers provide protection from the sun .
  • Assembly instructions and hardware included
  • Flame Retardant and UV Treated Decorative slide covers enhance playtime
  • Patented Design is safe and durable
  • Mounts directly to slide and playset
  • Free Ground Shipping in continental USA (All orders not within Continental USA must be called in 1-800-PLAYSET or (305) 591-1160 to place order) Ground Shipping Included when you purchase the item
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Slide Covers

Slide Covers Make the Playground Fun

Slide covers are multi-purpose items, most commonly made from plastic, cloth, or a combination of the two. Because they are so versatile and come in so many designs, slide covers can transform a regular slide into a tube slide, or a tube slide into a tunnel in the jungle - it all depends on how creative you and the children want to be. As if these benefits weren't enough, slide covers are also one of the best ways to protect a slide from water damage and sun rays.

Making a Regular Slide a Tube Slide with a Slide Cover

We all know how hard it can be to keep children's attention, not only when trying to teach or inform them, but also during play. Even while on the playground or surrounded by toys, it is in a child's nature to wander, and it is vital to their happiness and growth that everyday activities are exciting. How can slide covers help? Slip one on a regular slide and you can turn it into a race car, the mouth of a dragon, a princess castle, spaceship, and so on - all you have to do is pick the theme and help create the fantasy. Even if you only use one themed slide cover, you’ll find some days children want a tube slide, and some days they want the slide uncovered. Give them a little variety now; it will pay off later.

Themes of Slide Covers

If you are worried about entertaining a group of boys, girls, or both, don't worry. Themed slide covers can help transport children to new worlds where they can race alongside cars, travel through time and space while gazing at the planets, ride in a pumpkin princess carriage, or swim alongside fish and other marine life in the oceans. Likewise, with so many themes available, you are bound to find one or two slide covers everyone can enjoy.

Slide Protection

It's not only about fun. In addition to making playtime more fantastic, slide covers also protect slides from rain, snow, and harmful sun rays, while making it possible for kids to play on the slide during light precipitation. Since slide covers are easy to attach and remove, you can make a change fast, and help keep kids entertained, even if its raining.