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Ropes Course

Ropes Courses have come a long way since their inception as military training obstacle courses. They are now much more sophisticated and totally safe. It is one of the fastest growing products in the entertainment industry.

They can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is an excellent addition to an existing Trampoline Park or a Shopping Mall because they only occupy the higher elevations that are not normally used. Suddenly you are entertaining 30-60 additional customers!

· We build our Ropes Courses from heavy duty aluminum and galvanised hardware capable of withstanding any weather.

· Each of our Ropes Courses are custom and computer designed to your specific requirements to suit your needs and maximise your space available. We have built up to 4 levels in height with a capacity of 80 people.

· We offer you a wide variety of all-weather powder coated colors ranging from the basic colors to the bright and luminous. We can also create for you a multicolor design for added impact.

· You choose from our library of over 100 eye-catching challenges to create your perfect obstacle course that push the limits in strength and endurance. We offer activities ranging from easy to challenging.

· Full body of waist harnesses and safety belay systems.

· Additionally, we can add ziplines and vertical descent to the existing structure.