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Inclined Sit Up Bench
Inclined Sit Up Bench

Price: $1,600.00
Installation: $1,250.00

Product Code: PFT001


With the Single Station Sit Up Bench, you will be able to do your sit-ups in a much more comfortable way. Sit-ups require you to lay on the ground, which can be problematic in outdoor areas where the ground could be wet or if dogs are walked in the area. Even worse, it can be difficult for those that want to do a few sit-ups to get down to the ground. The Single Station Sit Up Bench allows you to work your core at a comfortable height above the muck. In addition to being up higher, the bench is set at a slight incline making the user work their core even harder. The leg and foot bars also aid in the doing sit ups alone. It’s normally difficult to keep your feet down without a partner, but now, you can work on them without a partner. Make sure to peruse the available metal colors and select one to match your area.

Age Range: 13 years +

Muscle Group: Core

Product Type: Fitness Single

Unit Size: 1' 5" x 5'

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