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Residential Playground Slides for Sale

The climb is exciting. The moment at the top can be a little scary, but the trip down is always exhilarating. Slides are a classic piece of playground equipment that continue to flourish because they're a fun way for children to challenge themselves and conquer their fears. Choose from a wide variety of colors to give your playscape a fun look! These kids’ outdoor slides are specially made for residential playgrounds and are sure to add another level of fun to your backyard.

Buy Playground Slides Online from Playkids

Many children are eagerly anticipating their next trip down the slide before they even finish their first one. If your son or daughter is one of them, a residential playground slide from Playkids is certain to be a popular addition to your backyard. These rotationally molded kits include the entrance and exit sections; inserts sold separately allow you to customize the length of the slide. Possibilities range from 8 feet to 18 feet.