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A Plastic Tire Swing for Kids Provides Endless Fun!

There is nothing quite like a tire swing! Kids love to hop on and spin through the air. Playkids has a wide selection of tire swings for sale along with all the tire swing hardware you need for a safe and fun ride: swivel hooks, different types of tires, chains and more!

Fun & Safe Tire Swings for Sale!

We also offer a plastic tire swing that is safer and cleaner than a traditional swing made from an old car tire. You can choose from many different colors of tire swings to accent your backyard play area.

Get a tire swing kit to add some extra excitement to your playground. We are proud to sell these thrilling accessories that separate your swing set from the rest!

Get Your Child to Listen to You When Playtime On Tire Swings Is Over

Some days it seems like no matter what you say, your kids just don’t listen to you. At around age seven, kids seem to have the magic ability to tune you out completely when they’re outside having fun on the tire swing and you’re calling them in for dinner. After a few attempts, you find yourself shouting in frustration, something you always said you’d never do.

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your kids listen and respond without resorting to shouting that are much more effective than screaming. Try these the next time the kids are having fun in the backyard and they’ll hop off the tire swing in no time.

1. Speak clearly and use as few words as possible. Most kids younger than eight can only process ten words or less easily, so use short sentences. Tell them, “Please come in for dinner now.” Once they come in you can tell them to wash their hands or set the table.

2. Don’t ask or negotiate - this sets you up for failure. Saying, “Aren’t you hungry? Don’t you want to come in and eat?” gives children an easy way to respond with a negative answer. Clear directions work much better. Tell the kids, “Play time is over. Please come in for dinner now.” This doesn’t leave room for negotiation.

3. If they express disappointment, you can acknowledge their feelings, but don’t apologize. Don’t say you’re sorry, but do validate how they feel. You can say, “I know you’d like to stay on the tire swing all night, but you can come back out for a bit after supper. Right now you need to eat supper.”

4. Communicate consequences, and then deliver every time. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is threatening consequences they can’t deliver (I’ll ground you for a year!) or threatening and not following through. If you say, “If you don’t come in for supper now, you can’t watch any television tonight,” you have to mean it. If you end up having to go and remove your seven year old from the tire swing and walk him into the house for supper, be sure there’s no television for the rest of the night

If you use these four tips, you’ll soon have a seven year old who will listen to you and respond quickly every time.